Every snowboard, boots, and bindings that The Ski Shop carries must first “pass the test”! Last Spring The Ski Shop’s snowboarders were test riding this year’s models and we only brought in the ones that performed best in Colorado conditions in many different categories: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Park, Big Air, Back Country, etc. (hey, it’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it). The Ski Shop also has a HUGE selection of snowboard boots, bindings, clothing, and accessories. We just don’t have enough space on one web page to cram it all in! Plus, the gear always looks so much better in person! Stop by and say “hi”, we promise that you’ll only be a stranger once! 


*prices subject to change

Burton Men’s Snowboards 2018

  • Men’s Custom

    SALE PRICE: $599.98

    Now 21 years old, the Burton Custom Snowboard has reached adulthood and though it is still energetic and incredibly playful, it has matured in many ways as well. A directional board with full camber, symmetrical contact points, and a symmetrical flex make it a wonderful option for the terrain park, while the slight setback and carbon highlights give you the confidence and responsiveness you crave in pow and on technical terrain. You’ve graduated from the terrain park and want to take your freestyle skills to the entire mountain – snag the Custom Snowboard and ride the board that continues to define what an all-terrain snowboard looks like.

  • Men’s Process Flying V:

    SALE PRICE: $499.98

    The Burton Process Flying V Snowboard is the perfect board for honing your freestyle skills across the mountainous playground. Built with Flying V™ rocker technology that encourages a mix of playfulness and fluidity across mixed conditions, this true twin promotes a balanced ride no matter what conditions your confronted with.   Flying V™ offers the best of both worlds. Rocker overall, including between and outside your feet, enhances playfulness and float. Underneath your feet, subtle camber zones focus edge-control for crisp snap, added pop and powerful turns.


  • Men’s Process Off-Axis

    SALE PRICE: $499.98

    A twist on the pro’s pick for freestyle action, the Process Off-Axis aligns key tech to unleash the board’s natural flex, edge hold, and landing control. Squeezebox core profiling energizes the board without sacrificing stability, while PurePop Camber amplifies ollies and loosens up the overall feel for a more playful take on traditional camber.

  • Women’s Deja Vu Flying V

    SALE PRICE: $499.98

    From unexplored peaks to your favorite parks, the Burton Deja Vu Flying V tames anything that stands in your way. The board’s smooth rocker profile surfs through deep powder, while subtle camber underfoot and a true twin design keeps you in control no matter which way you point it. Side Effects lengthen the contact points to add float and create a more forgiving feel, while Overbite Frostbite’s all-wheel-drive edge control gives chargers the upper hand on hardpack and technical terrain.

Capita Snowboards 2018

  • Men’s DOA:

    SALE PRICE: $419.98

    The Defenders of Awesome series has a big reputation and these boards have earned it. As winners of the most coveted design award in snowboarding five years in a row, this highly sought after series has won a Transworld Good Wood Award every single year of its existence. Truly undefeated, the DOA is one of the best in the game and has the accolades to prove it. It may not be necessary to spend our time trying to improve perfection, but at The Mothership there’s no time for sleep. The Defenders of Awesome series features a next-generation hybrid-camber design which delivers the pop and response of a cambered board with the predictability of reverse-camber. With an all-new fiberglass and resin configuration, as well as an upgraded Superdrive™ base material, the ultimate go anywhere, do anything freestyle deck just got even better.

  • Men’s Outerspace Living

    SALE PRICE: $399.98

    The Capita Outerspace Living features a true-twin freestyle shape blended with a hybrid-camber profile built for all mountain riding. Positive-camber lies underfoot for power retention while the nose and tail are elevated to help the board swim through powder and variable conditions. The Outerspace Living also features Capita’s new FSC Certified Dual core, inlaid Titanal struts, “Magic Bean” resin, and a light speed XXX-Truded Base!  Forgiving when you want it to be, but strong enough to handle sticky situations, the Outerspace Living excels in all types of terrain and conditions!

  • Women’s Paradise

    SALE PRICE: $399.98

    Oh won’t you please take me to the top with the NEW Capita Paradise Snowboard. Sick look, sick lines, and top tier construction zeros in on perfection for the shredder who wants an easier ride with power. NEW FSC Certified Dual Core puts the emphasis on eco-feiendly earth-concious awesomeness that is just as lively and poppy as other wood cores. True twin shape lets you become the rider you want to be by getting aggressive in the park or trying to set land speed records. Rocker on both tip and tail make for easy maneuverability, while the camber underfoot paired with Titanal Struts provides the extra umph when needed. This deck is great for all level of riders. If you’re on the intermediate side it’s still managable with space to grow into, if you’re an expert you can appreciate its power, but also enjoy its easy going nature.

Ride Snowboards 2018

  • Men’s Wildlife

    SALE PRICE: $429.98

    The Ride Wildlife Wide is an all-mountain snowboard that combines a versatile shape, and a wider waist width, with tech features that allow it to perform anywhere on the mountain. Its all-new shape, mid-flex, and Directional Hybrid Camber gives the Wildlife rocker in the nose for float in deep snow and camber underfoot for added stability and control. Slimewalls reduce vibrations and enhance durability for a more stable ride at high speeds, while Carbon Array 3 Laminate Stringers are strategically placed in the nose and tail to increase response and pop. If you’re looking for a board that will help you unleash your wild side on all aspects of the mountain, look no further than the Ride Wildlife Wide.

  • Men’s Manic:

    SALE PRICE: $379.98

    Don’t let the name of this Ride board fool you. Manic doesn’t mean unstable, but if you are unstable – the Manic will help you feel more stable at speed and that’s a Spencer George guarantee (He’s one of The Ski Shop’s snowboard experts; he also goes by the name “Spanky” (Don’t ask!). The Manic is an all-mountain deck that’s awesome for weekend warriors looking for something that they can check off various trails with. Lots of rocker in the tip and tail makes it really floaty and easy to control, while a flat top connecting the rocker zones gives you total stability to never have you feeling out of control. The Ride Manic is light, fun and forgiving with enough guts to hold even heavier guys on steeper, more icy slopes.

  • Women’s Rapture

    SALE PRICE: $349.98

    Designed to be fun from your first run, the Rapture is a snowboard that is built to give you the confidence to learn and progress. The Rapture features the durability of Slimewalls combined with a softer flex and rocker twin shape for a snowboard that is ideal for learning how to link turns, go fast, or pick up a few tricks in the park. The Rapture has the features you need to help you get confident and have fun on a snowboard.

Rossignol Snowboards 2018

  • Men’s One LF

    SALE PRICE: $499.98

    It’s back with a vengeance! The One has been a staple in the Rossignol Snowboards line for over a decade, giving their development team time to fine tune this beast into what it was always meant to be: The all mountain board that can do it all in one. Capable of freestyle, freeride, street, or park, you’re going to have a great time on this board no matter where it takes you.  Most recently they updated the L.I.T.E urethane insert that wraps around the core as a dampening device that redirects the base material and structures the “Magne-Traction” edges. This unique technology from Rossignol revolutionizes edge hold and energy delivery, as well as vibration dampening.  This snowboard THE “One” that does it all!

  • Men’s Templar

    SALE PRICE: 399.98

    A less aggressive version of the One LF, the Rossignol Templar snowboard offers a ton of fun in a directional shape. Its slightly softer, directional flex and RadCut technology with toned-down “Magne-Traction” provide a smooth and seamless ride. Carving from edge to edge is playful yet controlled and makes for plenty of all-mountain versatility. A full wood core and AmpTek All-Mountain rocker/camber profile give the Templar snowboard tons of pop and response so you can cruise groomers in search of secret powder stashes all day long.

  • Rossignol Sushi

    SALE PRICE $449.98

    Dudes and Dudettes you can Shred freeride terrain like a pro on Xavier De Le Rue’s all-new signature snowboard model – the Rossignol XV Sushi LF. This deck was designed with LITE Frame technology for big mountain riding and all-mountain resort cruising, and has a laid back feel that’s mellow enough for intermediate riders. Its directional shape, 60/40 camber rocker profile, and swallow tail makes it perfect for slashing through chop and surfing bottomless powder pits. RadCut sidecuts increase edge to edge turning power and reduce fatigue which makes the Rossignol XV Sushi LF the ultimate backcountry freeride snowboard that everyone can enjoy.

  • Women’s Frenemy

    SALE PRICE $399.98

    Once again, the Rossignol Frenemy snowboard is covered with flowers… This versatile freestyle snowboard is perfect if you love riding anywhere with confidence and without having to change your board every time you ride on new terrain!  The Frenemy is easy to ride yet very playful.  To enjoy your sessions on pistes, you have the Magne-Traction 5S edges that delivers grip and precision. It’s fiberglass-reinforced wood core provides you with faster edge-to-edge response! And the Frenemy’s Amptek All-Mountain profile – classic camber and dual rocker allows you to get good float on the pow, as well as a great playfulness and maneuverability on hard pack.

Rossignol PACKAGE Snowboards 2018

  • Men’s Circuit Snowboard with Rossignol Battle Bindings:

    Package Price: $399.98

    Every season, The Ski Shop searches for the best “bang for the buck” snowboard and binding package for entry level riders that want an easy to ride snowboard that will also help them progress to the next level (without breaking the bank). The Rossignol Circuit  and Myth Snowboard Packages are exactly that!  These boards will help give you the confidence to progress while also ensuring that you have lots of fun learning. A directional all-mountain flex and AmpTek Auto-Turn profile keeps the tip and tail lifted for catch-free edge-to-edge transitions. Camber between the feet helps the board stay stable while still providing some snap and response. Make learning how to snowboard easier and more fun on the Circuit. The Circuit also includes durable Rossignol Battle bindings for just 399.98!   It’s a steal!

  • Women’s Myth Snowboard with Rossignol Myth Bindings:

    Package Price: $399.98

     This is The Ski Shop’s women’s best “bang for the buck” snowboard and binding package!  Easy, budget-friendly, freestyle fun packed with confidence-boosting AmpTek Auto-Turn. The MYTH’s TwinFreestyle flex provides an easy-to-manipulate ride no matter which direction you slide. And with no-catch AmpTek edge control, comfortable park and pipe progression comes stock. The  Auto Turn profile is 20% camber in the middle with 40% rocker on the tip and tail so you have maneuverability and flotation in the powder while also having lots of stability and edge grip. The Directional All-Mountain Flex is soft and makes for a user-friendly feel so you can have regardless of the conditions. Built with full-length grip and no-catch edge control, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident cruising at higher speeds.

Salomon Snowboards 2018

  • Men’s The Villain

    SALE PRICED: $479.98

    This is one of the most popular snowboards in the Salomon line up. Designed for team rider Louif Paradis, The Villain let’s you unleash your dark side whilst you’re jibbing the mountain, locking onto rails, blasting through pow, or  “straight lining” down the mountain!  Salomon’s Rock-Out Camber is flat between your bindings for stability, camber near the feet for response and a rocker on the tip and tail for “pressability”. The Aspen Wood core and carbon stringers enhance the snap and power of your ollies.

  • Men’s Craft

    SALE PRICE: $399.98

    The Craft is a progressive all-mountain, award winning board for an affordable price. Equipped with Rock Out Camber and EQ Rad to enable edge control with the ability to press. The Popster construction gives extra response through the board with the addition of Royal Rubber Pads to dampen landings. The Craft is the perfect progressive choice suited to a beginner or intermediate rider.

  • Women’s Oh Yeah!

    SALE PRICE: $349.98

    The 2018 Salomon Oh Yeah will have you screaming its name. Built with all the tech and a pocket friendly price, the Oh Yeah can go wherever you want it to go and do whatever you want it to do. Salomon’s Rock Out Camber places camber power underfoot and rocker float and forgiveness in the tip and tail, giving you response for groomers, playfulness in the park, and float in powder. Forgiveness for progression, response for aggression, and cash left over for an apres session. Oh Yeah!