Thanks for 65 years of support!

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The Ski Shop is celebrating our 65th Anniversary this year.  The Ski Shop is one of a the few family owned and operated Specialty Ski and Snowboard Shops still operating on the Front Range of Colorado.  We are truly blessed over the years to have such loyal and passionate customers.  The entire staff at The Ski Shop share that same … Read More

It’s Ski Swap time at The Ski Shop!

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What: “The Ski Shop Swap” to benefit VIBeS (Visually Impaired & Blind Skiers) When: An entire week: Saturday October 8th thru Saturday October 15th Where: The Ski Shop: 1422 South Tejon St Registration: Consign equipment at The Ski Shop now through Saturday, October 15th . Registration fee is only a dollar per item. 20% sales fee (which will be donated … Read More


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1) Training/Conditioning.  Most skiers and snowboarders live an active lifestyle:  Running, Biking, Golf, etc.  These activities are great at building your aerobic base.  But, the cardio-vascular demands of skiing and snowboarding require additional conditioning.  Being physically fit also decreases your risk of injury.  A good ski and snowboard conditioning program will typically involve strengthening your cardio-vascular system, muscles, and flexibility.  … Read More

What type of snowboard is right for you?

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Those graphics above aren’t types of mustaches, they are actually examples of the various snowboard bend options available today.  Every company has a slick name for their hybrid snowboards and Burton (pictured above) uses “Flying V” to describe their ultimate hybrid snowboard profile.   Salomon actually used mustaches to describe their bends a few years back!   There are basically … Read More